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Hanna Gaffney
Here in Philadelphia I work with several theatre companies including WOLF PAC, Theatre Horizon, and the Chester County Arts Association to bring the joy of theatre to students ages
8-17 depending on the camp.
At WOLF PAC in Bryn Mwar, PA I worked with several other teaching artists to help the students develop their acting, singing and dancing skills as well as understanding the importance of ensemble. I taught elective classes such as “table-top stories” while assisting with the final production.
In Theatre Horizon’s Summer Drama Camp, I work with a co-director to teach young actors how to work as an ensemble to create an original play. Everything from the setting to the plot to the characters are created by the students. On the last day, they perform their world premiere play for an audience with props and costumes!
At Chester County Arts Association I teach one of my favorite skill sets "Special Effects Makeup". We work on an array of gore effects like bruising, blood and open wounds. Students learn how to work with gelatin, grease paint, liquid latex, and make homemade blood to create a final unique look at the end of the week.
When I find myself home in Wisconsin I love coming back to work at the Souls Song LLC where students of all ages work to learn how to "Act the Song" in preparation for an audition, competition, performance, or sometimes just to help the younger students break out of their shell. We discuss moment before, intentions, arc and concrete needs to build the song and help the actor feel more comfortable and confident with their piece.
I also teach master classes at my High School alma mater Oconomowoc High School. I talk with the aspiring actors about what it means to be in the business today, how to decide on audition material for auditioning for college, and professional auditions, and even directing and playwriting your own work.